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For complete peace-of-mind, your new Case equipment will be covered by the Case PROCover Plus Protection Plan. With our ProCover Protection Plan, 166 components of your machine, including all electrical and internal lubricated components, are fully covered for 3 years and up to 5,000 hours.

All Case Compact Track Loaders, Mini Excavators (under 6 tonnes), Skid Steer Loaders and Backhoe Loaders are now covered by a 3 year/3000 hours Premier Standard PROCover Plus Protection Plan, while all Case Crawler Excavators (over 6 tonnes) and Wheel Loaders (over 10 tonnes) are covered by a 3 year/5000 hours Premier Standard PROCover Plus Protection Plan.

The PROCover Plus Protection Plan program provides coverage in the unlikely event of a failure caused by a defect in materials or workmanship and can even be extended beyond the 3 year period if required.

The service requirements to protect the warranty simply require one major service each year to be done by Case Victoria.  All other services can be done by the owner.

The warranty can also be transferred to a new owner of the equipment should you need to sell prior to the warranty expiring.

When it comes to supporting your equipment, you can depend on Case South Australia.

Standard PROCover Plus Protection Plan - Construction Equipment Master Parts Schedule

Premier Components Covered

ENGINE and all internal lubricated components within
• Accessory Gears
• Air Intake Hose
• Camshaft
• Camshaft Bearings
• Camshaft Drive Gear
• Catalytic Converter
• Charge Air Cooler
• Cold Start Enrichment Systems
• Connecting Rods & Bearings
• Crankshaft Bearings & Gear
• Crankshaft Including Front And Rear Crankshaft Seals
• Cylinder Heads/ Head Gaskets
• Cylinder Liners
• Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank and Dispensing System
• Diesel Particulate Filter
• EGR System Manifold
• Electronic Engine Control Module
• Engine Block
• Engine Mounts And Supports
• Engine Oil Cooler
• Engine Speed Controls, Linkages, and Cables
• Exhaust Manifold and Muffler
• Fan And Fan Drive
• Filter Mount
• Flywheel, Ring Gear
• Front And Rear Engine Covers And Seals
• Front Damper
• Fuel Lines
• Fuel Tank
• Fuel Transfer Pump & Gasket
• Injection Pump
• Injectors
• Intake and Exhaust Manifold And Gaskets
• Oil Filler Tube
• Oil Lines
• Oil Pan And Gasket
• Oil Pump
• Pistons & Rings
• Pre-Cleaner/Air Cleaner Housing
• Pressure/Temperature Sensors & Sending Units
• Pulleys
• Radiator
• Rocker Arm Assembly
• Selective Catalytic Reduction System
• Thermostats
• Timing Gears
• Turbocharger And Gasket
• Valve Cover And Gasket
• Water Piping
• Water Pumps


• Axle Housing
• Axle Shaft
• Clutch Discs (Wet Only)
• Clutch Plates (Wet Only)
• Control Rods
• Counter Shaft Clutch
• Differential Housing
• Differential Pinion Gear / Ring Gear
• Drive Axle Hub
• Drive Shaft Support Bearing
• Drive Shaft with Universal Joints
• Electronic Transmission Controller and Valve
• Enclosed Oil Immersed Chains and Sprockets
• External Oil Lines
• Filler Tubes (Transmission)
• Final Drive Pinion
• Final Drive Planetary Gears
• Front Wheel Drive Sensors
• Hydraulic Drive / Travel Motor
• Hydraulic Drive Pump
• Hydraulic Transmission-Control Valve
• Hydrostatic Motor
• Hydrostatic Transmission Charge Pump
• Hydrostatic Transmission Pump
• Hydrostatic/Hydraulic Pump Drives
• Internal Lubricated Clutch Housings
• Internal Transmission Control Linkage
• Internal Wet Service Brakes
• MFWD Axle/Differential Assembly including  Driveshaft and U Joint
• Planetary Gear Carrier
• Pneumatic Valves
• Rotary Hydraulic Manifold
• Splitter Drive/Drop Box
• Steering Clutches (Wet)
• Swing Motor And Swing Gear Box
• Torque Converter
• Torque Converter Pump
• Transfer Drive
• Transmission Case
• Transmission Gears, Bearings, & Shafts
• Transmission Pump
• Travel & Swing Sections (only) Of Main Control Valve
• Travel Control Valve
• Turntable Bearing
• Undercarriage Roller And Idler Seals And Bearings
• Undercarriage Tensioners

• Sprocket, Tracks, Pads, Bolts, Chains, Or Any Failure Due To Wear, Or Breakage Caused By Wear

• Alternator
• Gauges
• Horn
• Indicators
• Instruments
• Electronic Joysticks
• Electric Motors
• Factory Installed Telematics
• Sensors
• Solenoid Valves
• Starter And Starter Solenoid
• Switches
• Traction Control System
• Voltage Regulator
• Wiring Harnesses
• Wiring Harnesses Exclusions
• Rubbing, Chafing, Loose Or Corroded Connections

• Accumulator
• Clutch
• Compressor
• Condenser
• Dryer
• Evaporator
• Expansion Valve
• Heater Core
• Hoses
• Pulley
• Seals & Gaskets
• Temperature Control Programmers and Valves

• Covers and Panels
• Exterior/Interior Door/Panel Latches, Hinges & Struts
• Exterior/Interior Moldings
• Knobs for Switches and Handles
• Mirrors
• Seat Frame & Suspension

• Backhoe Booms
• Backhoe/Excavator Dipper Sticks
• C Frame
• Car Body
• Chassis
• Circle Frame
• Engine Frame
• Equipment Frame
• Excavator Booms
• Falling Object Protection Structure (FOPS)
• Forklift Masts
• Inner and Outer Dipper Arms of the Extendable Boom (Backhoe Loader)
• Main Frame
• Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS)
• Swing Frame
• Swing Tower Castings (Backhoe Loader)
• Track Frame
• Wheel Loader/Skid steer Loader Arms

This plan excludes coverage for any failure to any component caused by or resulting from the failure of a component not listed as a covered component, including any resulting damage to a listed component.  See the Terms and Conditions document for complete plan details.